Solanne Bernard, born in Paris, lives and works in London where she received an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2020).

She works predominantly on installations merging the imagery of abstracted body parts and plants into hybrid sculptural forms. The hybridity of her works helps highlight the roles that the fluidity and intertwinement of things together have in constructing a sense of unease and visceral displacement.

In this way, the work explores how subjectivity can oscillate between human/animal/plant and object, pushing the material to see what it can do as a subject and finding ways to act out the complexities between desire, violence and disgust.

Solanne Bernard, née à Paris, vit et travaille à Londres où elle a obtenu son diplôme en sculpture (MA) du Royal College of Art (2020).

Son travail d’installation inclut principalement des céramiques et des moulages en silicone, créant des formes sculpturales hybrides. Sa pratique artistique explore les complexités et contradictions qui existent dans la fluidité des rapports entre les éléments du monde vivant et du monde non-vivant, et tente de redéfinir notre position entre les deux.

Elle se concentre ainsi sur la manière dont la subjectivité peut osciller entre l’humain, l’animal, la plante et l’objet, créant des tensions entre le désir, le dégoût, la séduction et la violence.

2024 • Beauty In Chaos, Hew Hood Gallery, London
2024 • The Way of All Flesh, Saatchi Gallery, curated by Delphian Gallery, London
2023 • Can I Steal Your Body? Trilogy: Borderline, ADH Gallery, London
2023 • Dentro, Somers Gallery, London 
2023 • The Body, Dissolving, Studio Chapple, London
2023 • 2 FOR 1, Hypha Studios, London
2023 • Meat Market #1, London
2023 • Inverted Corneum, The Split Gallery, London
2023 • South Open, OHSH Projects, London
2022 • Iridesence, Alkinois, Athens
2022 • Finalist of the Ingram Prize, Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London
2022 • Friends with Benefits, Safe House, London
2022 • Destructive Mollusc,  Staffordshire St Studios, London
2022 • Synthesis, Saatchi Gallery, curated by Delphian Gallery, London
2021 • Acme Vision, SB34, Brussels
2021 • Peach Fuzz, The Factory Project, London
2021 • Space Lapse, RCA graduation show, Royal Society of Sculptors, London
2021 • Scenes of Inclination, London
2021 • Fertile Laziness, Platform Southwark, London
2020 • Graduate show at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London
2020 • Appel à Projet #1, KOMMET Art Space, online selected artists
2020 • Shortlisted for Biennale du CRAC Champigny-Sur-Marne, France
2019 • End of residency exhibition at Moulin des Arts de St Rémy, Atelier Blanc, France
2019 • Cherry Pickers, group show, Luxembourg
2019 • Artist’s Series, group show with L.E.M.O.W. Editions et Multiples for Venice Art Project, Venice
2019 • ‘Quiet Conflict’, for POPPOSITIONS Capital of Woke, Brussels, with L.E.M.O.W. Editions
2018 • Winner of Prix Aveyron Culture 2018 for the 8ème Prix Jeune Création of the Moulin des Arts, France

© Solanne Bernard 2024
© Solanne Bernard 2024